Top Marketers Guide to Instagram Reels 2021

Talk about short yet cool videos! Instagram Reels is the first name that pops in mind. Launched across 50 nations, it quickly attracted content creators and a new user base. Ever since Instagram Reels has launched, content creators have been creating short videos with Instagram’s innovative features and approach. Instagram Reels has given short video creation and sharing a completely new perspective. Instagram Reels gave a tough competition to the biggest video-sharing focal platform, the mighty Tik Tok.

Apart from individual content creators, Instagram Reels is also widely used in branding and marketing. Marketers around the world are experimenting with Instagram Reels. Popular brands and entities such as Red Bull, Louis Vuitton, NBA, and Balmain have effectually used Instagram Reels in their marketing strategies. NBA reported a significant 22% increase in engagement rate after the use of Instagram Reels.

Well, Instagram Reels holds immense potential for marketers. All they need is a profound understanding of Instagram Reels. If you are a marketer, you are at the right place. 

Let us walk you through all the vital facets of Instagram Reels.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows Instagram users to make a video of 15-60 seconds. Moreover, Reels enables users to edit videos with various AR effects, audios, display settings, and multi-clip format. 

You must be wondering that this platform’s features and nature is synonymous with Tik Tok. Well, Instagram Reels enables its users to add a touch of their self-expression with over-the-top customization features. This is the true value addition.

In addition, with a public profile, you can quickly share your Instagram s videos with your followers and other Instagram users globally. 

What are the Benefits of Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is an integrated feature in the main Instagram application. This means that you do need to keep an extra app for Instagram Reels. Unlike Tik Tok, which becomes an added liability. 

Next, Instagram Reels provides a wide array of cool editing and Reels features. The best editing tool in Instagram Reels is the Augmented Reality (AR) option. With this tool, Reels enables you to try on the revolutionary trend in the tech world, the Augmented Reality. 

Reels provide you with the audio option. With this option, users can try on various sounds and music available by Reels. However, you can post Reels with their original recorded audio. If you have a public account, other Instagram users can use your audio, as well. 

Instagram Reels offers a speeding and alignment option. With the speed option, you can alter the pace of your video. You can also decelerate your video’s pace with the slow-motion effect. The alignment tool enables you to merge various clips and create seamless transitions with your video. In addition, Reels offer you the countdown and timer option. Lastly, sharing on Reels is quite effortless. 

Instagram Reels is also vital for boosting engagement rate, brand awareness, and reach. Due to this, it is widely used in Instagram Reels. Moreover, marketers buy Instagram Reels views because of its great brand reach potential.

What are the Limitations of Instagram Reels?

Now, let us briefly talk about certain limitations of Instagram Reels. 

The first limitation is that you cannot fast forward or rewind your video. In fact, it will run and gradually will jump back to start, creating a loop. It is just like Instagram videos. 

Next, you cannot change the caption of your Instagram Reels video. This is the biggest limitation. In case of a typo, you need to upload it again. 

Finally, there is a lack of data or insights about Instagram Reels on the Instagram app. For marketers, this is a dilemma. As of now, they have to use third-party insight apps for this purpose. 

Bottom Line

Instagram Reels is an incredible platform. It provides optimum value and quality despite the limitations. The editing tools make the whole experience worth it.